Mission Statement

At 3B Mediation our mission is to provide a neutral and supportive environment where parties in conflict can come together to resolve their disputes through open dialogue.

Our commitment:

Balance.  Our goal is to foster a a neutral and impartial setting allowing all sides to share their viewpoints and be fully heard without judgment.  Our mediators will balance the discussion to ensure each voice is being heard.

Bridge.  We are here to bridge understanding through active listening and reframing.  We help bridge the gap of understanding between conflicting parties with clear communication facilitated by a neutral party.   We help translate positions into helping identify common ground.

Build.  The hope of building a bright future, empowering you to move forward when resolving a conflict through mediation.

We at 3B are committed to upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and neutrality throughout the process.  We want to walk you through the process in a way that rebuilds trust and preserves relationships.


Mediation provides a structured but flexible framework for facilitated negotiation, with the goal of achieving a voluntary, mutually satisfactory resolution guided by an impartial third party.

Parent Facilitation

Parent Facilitators and Coordinators assist parents in high-conflict disputes to identify disputed issues, explore problem-solving possibilities, understanding parent plan, and obtain training on conflict management and parenting roles.


Arbitration provides a private, streamlined, and final means of dispute resolution outside the court system, based on the parties’ mutual agreement to be bound by the arbitrator’s decision.